My kids, aged 9 and 11, go to a really cool local Japanese immersion elementary school, Yujin Gakuen.  It was the first full time Japanese immersion school in the U.S. apparently.  It’s over 20 years old.   Since my kids are bilingual in Japanese and English, it’s the perfect school for them.  They spend half the day learning in Japanese, and the other half in English.  Super cool!

"Autumn"--Japan's Seasons Series

Anyway, I volunteered to help the 4th graders produce some ‘serious’ art to sell at the annual end of year auction.   Apparently local artst-parents help the upper grades do this each year.  The kids were great.  The two classes each made a series of 4 pictures from origami folded washi paper–the first class did Japanese Flowers of the Seasons, and the second class did Japanese Festivals.  The kids folded tiny petals and leaves with conviction!  I then folded the human and animal figures, and assembled and mounted the art.  The auction is June 5.  Wonder how much they’ll go for??

"Summer"--Japan's Seasons Series

"Moon Vieweing"--Japan's Festivals Series