Washi paper art bracelet

washi and vintage bamboo necklace

My family and I made it back to Oregon!  We’ve been here in Eugene since January, and now that we’re settled, I’m embarking on my new career:  full time paper jewelry artist!  I’ve lined up a job selling full time at a new artisans market at a local high-end boutique mall, and have revved up my Etsy site.  I’m loving making my jewelry and art full time.

Paper jewelry is hot right now, but it seems like most people are doing versions of the same thing—decoupage beads or altered art collage.  These are both great, but there is so much more you can do with paper when you’re working with washi, which is like  paper and fabric combined.  The thing about washi is, you can sculpt it.  That’s what I want to do with my jewelry—transform gorgeous washi into even more gorgeous 3-D sculptural art.   Every day I’m getting new pieces up on Etsy—visit my site at www.!!!!