One of the shocks of life as a jewelry-maker was realizing that only about 25% of my time is spent actually making jewelry.  The other 75% is spent promoting, marketing, and selling that jewelry.  Selling at markets is something I know about and love.  But promoting and marketing, and selling online–well, that’s another story.   Who knew I needed to learn to write ad copy?  To do macro photography?  To do graphic design?

My latest new skill is designing banners for my Etsy store and Paper Demon Jewelry blog.  I’ve been through quite a few so far!   I find it’s a lot like cooking eggs.  It’s not hard to make banners.  But it’s immensely hard to make them well.

The main challenge of it is, the banner has to sum up your brand.  And what is the Paper Demon brand?   It’s about paper.  It’s about color.  It’s about modern, and organic.  It’s about Japan, of course, but not in an obvious way–it’s about capturing the ineffable style of the best of Japanese design—design that brings fine traditional craftsmanship into the realm of the ultra-modern, and vice versa.

The banner shall feature washi paper–that much I know.

Here’s the second one I designed (can’t find a copy of #1).  I had to learn Photoshop for this.  It was hard!  I didn’t know how to edit it once it was designed, so I just kept re-creating it over and over and over.  My partner’s mac ended up with 21 copies on the desktop (whoops).  I think it’s quite nice, actually. Gets the organic, and the modern, but a bit sedate.  After all, Paper Demon is about COLOR!

This is the third one. This one gets the color.  But doesn’t have much movement in it.

This is #4.   I like the mod vertical theme.  But the resolution is too low.  And, really, pink and blue? I don’t think so.

Here is #5.  I have to say, I REALLY liked this.  But it was a bit heavy on the pinks and purples.  That didn’t seem quite right with the brand.

So i warmified the tone.


(At least for now. )