The first 15 fans of Paper Demon Jewelry on Facebook scored a freebie!  They will get the brand new, as yet unreleased, Paper Demon Jewelry DIY Origami Crane Christmas Ornament Kit or Origami Crane Earrings Kit!

Paper Demon DIY Origami Crane Christmas Ornament Kit

The kits, now in production, include pre-folded Paper Demon cranes made from the finest handmade imported papers in my collection  (2 tiny ones for earrings; one large one for Christmas Ornaments), glaze, s0me really nice coordinating accent beads selected by MOI, all the hardware, special hanging cord from my travels in Japan, and instructions.   All you need is a paintbrush and a pair of pliers (needlenose are best but any will work)!  They will come in a range of patterns:  Mostly they’ll be in colors of Japanese floral, but they’ll also come in retro, geometric, and abstract patterns.

Paper Demon DIY Origami Crane Christmas Ornament Kit

The cranes are pre-treated for durability and strength, and only need glazing for shine and a bit of water-resistance.

The one in the picture features one of my all time favorite papers–an ultra thick high end embossed paper with a Japanese floral pattern: white and red winter plums on a shimmering frosted metallic silver background with lovely tiny metallic gold accents.  I pick up the pairing of frosted metallic silver and gold in the gold and silver textured beads above and dangling below, and gold hardware with silver vintage cord.  Red seed beads and a red sequin finish the look.

I have one of these on my own tree. It shimmers softly and magically in the Christmas lights.