We love So You Think You Can Dance (hereafter SYTYCD) at our house.  We watch it faithfully.  It’s a really cool show.  First off, you get to see spectacular dancing.  You also get a crash course on the styles and lingo of the dance world.  I grew up dancing as a kid and young adult–mostly ballet–and I like showing off my knowledge:  “dude just totally biffed his grand jete!!  Where is his technique??”

But my favorite part of all is actually the judges.  Nigel Lithgow, Adam Shankman, and Mia Michaels.  These judges, leading Emmy-winning choreographers, dancers, and producers of dance, are passionate.  They are committed.   They’re funny and dramatic, and incredibly articulate and well schooled in dance.  But most of all, they are generous of spirit.  They  believe in the dancers and the importance of what they achieve through their dancing.

Mia Michaels is one of my heroes.   She is one of the most ‘real’ people I’ve ever seen on TV.  She ties the professional and the personal together and demands total honesty from the dancers.  Her choreography is spectacular and powerful and heart-wrenching.  She’s faced personal trauma in her life that she processes with great, if sometimes startling, honesty herself.  And, she has amazing style, and wears great jewelry.

Mia Michaels

Why do I bring up the wonderful Mia Michaels on the PDJ Blog?  Well, the Paper Demon’s wonderful partner has a cousin who is a promoter in Las Vegas.  One of her good friends is Stacey Tookey, one of the leading choreographers on the program.  Through this friend of the cousin of the partner of the Paper Demon, there is a possibility, a possibility mind you, that a piece of Paper Demon Jewelry will end up being worn by Mia Michaels herself!

I think Mia Michaels would look cool in Paper Demon paper jewelry.  Paper jewelry is fluid– it moves with the body; it’s light–it doesn’t weigh down your grand jetes!   It floats–like the best dance.

I could see her in some washi stained glass jewelry. Or recycled vegan jewelry.  Or best of all, reversible riveted chunky cuff!

Reversible Riveted Chunky Cuff

How cool would that be?