The Paper Demon does not play well with others.

The Paper Demon does not do team sports.

Things she likes:  swimming, skiing, surfing.  Thinking, inventing, making.

Things she will do when hell freezes over and not a minute sooner:  softball.

The Paper Demon doesn’t join teams.  That is,  ’til last month.  In June, she joined a team.  But it’s cool.  It’s OK.  Because, it’s the Queer Etsy Street Team.  

The Queer Etsy Street Team is a collectivity of LGBT artists on Etsy, who joined together to support and promote one another’s work and creative spirits.  Click our big colorful button on the Paper Demon Jewelry blog home page to visit our excellent Etsy Gay It Forward shop!

This is a team I can get behind.  It’s all about making a supportive and inclusive space for queer artists to be artists and be queer, and think about what it means to be both at the same time!  The team was the inspiration for my Love and the Rainbow post awhile back.

And now, thanks to the efforts of our indefatigable leader QueenofQueens (awesome Etsy shop, btw!), Queer Etsy Street Team scored a feature in Curve Magazine!   Best part: QueenofQueen’s pullout quote:  “It would be impossible for me to create without sprinkling shards of my big gay story on everything I do.”   Two solid pages about just HOW cool we are.  Because, there were apparently still a few people who didn’t know.  But they know now.  And so do you.  Yay Team!