We had to go out an learn how to make more!  Silk paper, that is!  In an impromptu lesson by renowned basketry and fiber artist Donna Sakamoto Crispin, who lives in Eugene.

Cloud Series: Earth by Donna Sakamoto Crispin

I knew of Donna’s work from exploring fiber artists in Oregon, and got in touch to talk about maybe using her bamboo paper in my jewelry.  She generously invited me to her house, and when I arrived, even more generously gave me a lesson in making my own silk fiber paper!

I had never even heard of silk paper before, but one look at the glorious colors of the silk fibers and I was instantly hooked.

silk fiber from Woodland Woolworks

Best of all, the fabulous fibers above are actually RECYCLED!  They are leftovers from the silk sari industry!  How cool is that? Find them at Donna’s recommended source right up the street in Salem Oregon:  Woodland Woolworks

Here’s what I made: two pieces of silk paper, one in pink and green, the other in blue and green.

My first silk paper

I can’t wait to do more.

Driving home I kept playing with it, imagining all the cool possibilities for jewelry.  Scrunched up it makes an interesting organic plant-like shape.

Silk paper and sterling silver pendant

How lucky I feel to live in a town filled with such extraordinary artists.  And in a town where artists are so willing to generously share their knowledge.  Thank you Donna!