So says the writer for The Paper Place.   And she’s not kidding.  You just wait.  Hang on a sec.

I had planned to write part two of my two part series on handmade and Japanese paper resources in Toronto tonight.   Part two is about The Paper Place (Part one was about The Japanese Paper Place.  Yes I know their names are almost the same.  There is a reason for that.  All will be explained.  Patience, grasshopper.)

But when I was doing my research, like a good blogger should, on The Paper Place’s website, I stumbled on this video.  All they say about it is the having your mind blown thing, and this:  “This video from the New Zealand Book Council is one of the most amazing things we have seen. It takes the art of paper cutting to a whole new level. enjoy…..”

Now, you don’t know this yet, although you will shortly, but if people at The Paper Place are rendered speechless by a work of paper-related art, then that work of art is really something.

So here it is.  “Going West.”   Two minutes and 10 seconds of paper art genius. By artist Maurice Gee.

Thank the New Zealand Book Council for sponsoring this brilliant artist. And The Paper Place of Toronto for bringing it to paper-lovin’ folks’ attention.