50 is a watershed.  A landmark.  I’m coming up on 50 in a few years.  Can’t say I’m thrilled about that.

I am thrilled, though, that I’m only 3 sales away from 50 sales on Etsy.  That is a good 50.  That’s a 50 a person can embrace with enthusiasm.  No downsides to 50 sales on Etsy (well, except maybe that there aren’t 51!)

Anyway, to get us to 50 as FAST as possible, I’m offering a cool giveaway for blog readers ONLY!  Free Shoji Pendants to PDJ blog readers who make purchase #48, 49, or 50 (or all three at once!).  You can check them out in different colors at Paper Demon Jewelry’s Etsy store.  To qualify, you MUST type in “BLOG FAN” in the Mssg to seller at checkout!  That’s the only way I’ll know you saw this on the blog, and not on Facebook or Twitter (where I’m also doing a giveaway promotion, but NOT with Shoji Pendants!)  Offer only good ’til we reach 50!

Shoji Pendant in Robins' Egg Blue