It’s Game Day!  Etsy Team Game Day, that is.  The day each week that I will devote to sharing the fabulous artists on my Etsy Teams:  Queer Etsy STreet Team and the Etsy Crafting in Color Team.

I love my teams.  They are unbelievably supportive and enthusiastic and generous and motivational.   I am so grateful for the different angles on creativity they’ve opened my eyes to, whether it’s a love of glorious, vibrant color, or a fierce and fabulous belief in expressing yourself no matter what.  They’ve inspired me, and they’ve made giant, impersonal Etsy feel a little bit more like home.

I’m going to alternate teams:  this weeks it’s Crafting in Color; next week it’s Queer Etsy Street Team.  So suit up, CIC team, and let’s go!

This past week I’ve had the chance to get to know Miranda Zelenka Isenberg, the creative powerhouse behind the hugely successful brand new Etsy shop, MandeeFranee.  Miranda invented the kind of product that Etsy sellers dream of…. a handmade item that PEOPLE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!

This item is her LensPet.  The LensPets, soon to be trademarked, are totally cute animal scrunchies that go around your camera lens, and grab your subjects’ attention and, and with their sheer adorableness, make them look directly into the camera and smile!

Anyone who’s struggled to get a recalcitrant child to sit still for the camera knows how priceless this item is.  It obviously fills a niche that desperately needed filling! Almost all of MandeeFranee’s items are custom-made, and they’re so popular there’s a 6-8 week wait time for delivery!  But that’s not stopping her customers!   Her shop’s success has allowed Miranda, a single mom, to  stay home with her 3 growing boys.

MandeeFranee has seasonal LensPets, and mini LensPets for your little digital zoom cameras too!

Halloween Bat LensPet

Mini LensPet (any resemblance to Mr. Crabs completely coincidental)

Being a point and shoot user (and a passionate fan of Spongebob), I am inordinately fond of her Mini LensPet Mr. Crabs.

I don’t think I need to tell you what great stocking stuffers or office party gifts these would make!  But order soon if you want to get yours for Christmas!

MandeeFranee: Home of the LensPets:

Artist and Designer:  Miranda Zelenka Isenberg

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