Sometimes an application comes along that can change your life.  Or a small, seemingly insignificant part of your life that is nevertheless really important TO YOU.

My Facebook Fan Page Welcome Page was one of these things.

I’m out here, trying to build a business selling my jewelry.  I love my jewelry.  I love my business.  I love that I’m doing this.  But I’m not always very good at it.

The jewelry–that part goes pretty well most days.  But the business part–that is hard.  And filled with quagmires and potholes and landmines and detours and dead ends and cul de sacs and unfinished developments….  well, you get the picture.

Jewelry is easy. Business is hard.

Especially the social networking part.  I have a long way to go before I have 2000 Twitter followers and 3000 Facebook Fans and feel like all these cool wonderful new marketing resources are working for me and allowing me to, in the words of my hero Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz, make a boatload of money and retire to Fiji.


All this to say that it’s been an uphill process, a bit.

And the most uphill part of it was that damned Facebook Fan Page Welcome Page.

Most of you know about Facebook Fan Pages.  I HOPE that you are Fans of mine: Paper Demon Jewelry on Facebook!  If not, excuse me,  go here NOW and click “like” when you get there.  Geez.

But turns out that really GOOD Facebook Fan Pages, the ones that are really EFFECTIVE, have a custom Welcome Page that is the default landing pad for new potential Fans.  It says, in a word, “Welcome!”  It says, “we’re glad you came.”  It says, “we’re so very cool that you want to be part of this amazing thing right NOW”

Who wouldn’t want that?

But the problem is, you can’t make one unless you know HTML and some other abomination unique to Facebook known as FBML on top of it.  Really?  really?

notice how this html is frowning

Enter, the hero of this increasingly long, and perhaps tedious, tale. has created a Facebook Page Welcome Page Builder App, conveniently called “Pagebuilder,” that is completely customizable, completely simple and intuitive to use, requires NO HTML, and, get this, is completely FREE!

Who are these people, Boddhisattvas?

This is what they say about themselves:

Pagemodo’s first release is the Pagebuilder, which is a deceptively easy-to-use online tool with which businesses and Facebook Page owners with ease can use to custom design and build their own Facebook pages, without any technical or graphics skills and instantly publish it to Facebook

Pagebuilder is a 100% free service and it’s versatility allows users to add pictures, embed videos, change the colors, type in a text, and more. The tool’s ready-made templates make it a cinch to install on your Facebook page.

Pagemodo is an international team founded by 2 danish netpreneurs Thomas Kjeldgaard & Jakob Lykkegaard.”

Danish Boddhisattva I: Jakob Lykkegaard Pederson

Danish Boddhisattva II: Thomas Kjellgaard

Oh I see.  They’re DANISH Boddhisattvas.

Right now the program is in Beta stage, so they’re in feedback-gathering mode.  I’m sure they’ll make boatloads of money from this eventually.

And be impossibly handsome while doing it.

But in any case, they’ve created something divine.  Something that allowed even ME to create something as beautiful as THIS: (slightly cropped in this image here because it’s just a screen shot)

It took me about 15 minutes!  And did I mention it was FREE?

(to be fair the free version has a footer at the bottom. You can pay for a version that is footer-free).

Anyone out there who does not yet have a Facebook Welcome Page–Go to now!  Try it out!  And come back and show me what you made!

(Paper Demon has no financial connection or affiliation to or its products.  This is just pure enthusiasm).

(I wish to credit the guys at for writing the post that first led me to the Pagemodo site.  Way to go, guys!  You are Boddhisattvas too!)