Did you know that all across East Asia, little children grow up believing they can see two rabbits in the moon?  It’s true. 

In Japan they believe that the two rabbits are pounding mochi.  If you can find a Japanese person to show you, you’ll be able to see it too!

The two rabbits are as reasonable an option as the Man in the Moon.  And much, much cuter.

Actually, Japan has another moon-rabbit thing going on.  In Autumn, they have the festival of Moon-Viewing.  This falls during the full moon known as “Ju-go-ya,” which actually means 10th month moon, but in the modern day calendar falls in September.

And the Japanese believe that rabbits like to come out and hop to the light of the Ju-go-ya moon, and play amidst the miscanthus grass.

Hiroshige does Moon-rabbits

There’s even a folk song about it.  It’s called “Usagi,” or “The Rabbit Song.”   It’s a sweet, slightly melancholy song, and one of my favorite Japanese folk songs.  I used to sing it to my kids all the time when they were babies.  Listen to it on Youtube here!

I did a piece of washi paper artwork for Ju-go-ya Moon-viewing for my kids’ Japanese immersion school.  It has all the elements: full moon, hopping rabbits, wispy clouds, and miscanthus grass.

Mounted on a straw mat with bamboo accent,  it looked like this:

As you may or may not know, I love rabbits.  We have our own, named Penelope.

"The Rabbit"

Come to think of it, she does seem a little more feisty than usual since the weather turned to Fall!

In honor of Jugoya, the Paper Demon MoonRabbits!