Upcoming Art Shows and Markets

Re-Use is the New Recycle!  That is the motto of Next Step Recycling, a leader in the reuse movement in Eugene, and the motivation behind their second annual Eugene ReArt Festival , coming up August 6.  The ReArt Festival is an awesome arts and crafts festival devoted entirely to recycled art.  Everything at the festival needs to be at least 75% made of recycled materials.  And by recycled, they mean, actually destined for the trash heap.

Since the Paper Demon is going to have a booth there, she needs to get her act together and start pumping out recycled jewelry!

She had a plan but needed materials.  So, today wonderful partner and I took a trip to MECCA (where else), and I got everything I needed.  I came home and created a beautiful piece of jewelry in almost no time at all.

100% Recycled Paper Art Pendant

I don’t have time to post a tutorial right now, because I also need to create 75 of these for swag bags at a Green Beauty event in San Diego next month.  But I’m going to share my photos of the process in the hopes they inspire someone else to grab something really really old and ugly, cut it apart, repurpose it, and transform it into something beautiful.

A skanky cable bundle and a bread bag full of paper scraps

Noticing the nice soft wire inside the skanky cable bundle

Use a mat knife to cut open and remove the rubber cable cover

unwinding some of the wire

shape and hammer flat a beautiful shape. For me, it's spirals. I burnished for shine.

Attach paper scraps

coat with gel medium. let it dry. Appreciate.

hang on recycled cord. Voila!

The Paper Demon is busy this summer!  Besides opening up at 5th Street Market, we’ll be at all of these upcoming art festivals and markets!  You’ll be able to check out our Stained Glass Washi Jewelry, Origami Jewelry, and DIY Origami Earrings and Origami Ornaments Kits!

If you’re in Oregon, drop by and say hi!

Blackberry Jam, Lowell, OR: 7/23-25
Meet your Maker Indie Craft Show, Eugene, OR: 7/30
Eugene Obon Festival, Eugene, OR: 7/31
ReArt Festival, Eugene, OR: 8/8 (10 AM-6 PM)
Eugene Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration, Eugene, OR: 8/8 (7 PM-9 PM)
Northwest Art and Air Festival, Albany, OR: 8/27-29

A photo of the wonderful Eugene Obon Festival!

Taiko Drumming at the Eugene Obon Festival

And the Northwest Art and Air Festival.

Northwest Art and Air Festival in Albany, OR