It’s all about the colors.   At Paper Demon Jewelry, we HAVE THE ABILITY!  The ability, that is, to make jewelry in the most eye-popping, mind-blowing colors on the planet.  Sure there are beads out there, and crystals, and felt, and resin, and many fine and colorful products.  But really, in the end, there is nothing that makes jewelry as SATURATED with color as paper.

And the funny thing is, it doesn’t have to be special handmade Japanese washi paper to do that.  Good old American crepe paper produces some of the richest, most saturated color tones possible, as long as it is treated right.  The trick with crepe paper is treating it right. It is a tempermental little beastie.

The Paper Demon scored a box of recycled crepe paper at MECCA awhile back, and I’ve been experimenting with it.  Here is my favorite item to date, just listed today in the Etsy store:  REDCOSMOS Spinning Sphere REcycled Paper Sculpture and Pearl Choker.

I love this piece.  I love the way the red is a fiery red. I love the organic shape of the spiral.  I love the freshwater pearls and how their lopsidedness mirrors the bead, and vice versa.  I love that it looks super cool on.

And I love the inspiration of this piece:  The Team Challenge of the Crafting in Color Team on Etsy, of which Paper Demon Jewelry is now a proud member!  This is, you know, kind of a big thing.    You see, jewelry makers can’t get onto the Crafting in Color Team, unless they request “special consideration” and prove to be, in the eyes of the administrators, “truly extraordinary.”  Well, who’s truly extraordinary now?  Hmm?  Oh yeah.  That’s right.

Crafting in Color is all about finding the most colorful, most color-forward, color-innovative, color-inspired artists on Etsy.   I like the sound of that.  Because at Paper Demon Jewelry, it’s all about the color.

Obviously, I love Japanese handmade paper!  At this point, you probably know that!  But, I also really care about the world.  And if I recycle paper in my office, then why shouldn’t I recycle paper in my jewelry?   A lot of artists and makers are rethinking their materials (you can find some of them at, and more and more trying to work in green, eco-friendly materials.

I haven’t found any sources for recycled washi yet (!!) but I recently scored a huge box of paper twist from our local Eugene craft exchange center, for a donation of a couple bucks.  I brought it home and gave it a Paper Demon makeover!  It makes the most gorgeous jewelry!

"SweetLife"--My Recycled Paper Jewelry Lariat Necklace

The flowers are accented with scraps of sparkly Japanese mizuhiki cord (as the flower stamens) from the studio, and hang on a cool crinkly pleather cord!  Vegan Jewelry rocks!  Hemp cord looks good too.

SweetLife can be tied or draped in a myriad of different ways

UPDATE:  SweetLife made it to Etsy Front Page on June 12!!!

Find SweetLife at

Now it’s got matching earrings and cocktail rings as well!

What I love most about this recycled paper twist material is that age has faded the paper in parts, giving the finished product the most wonderful subtle variations in color tone.  And of course, that I’m giving neglected old paper a lovely new lease on life!